Heikki Sarmanto, Juhani Aaltonen, Matti Koskiala ja Pekka Sarmanto – East River, Live at Kuhmo 1999 (CD)

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In the early 2000s, Finnish Jazz luminary Heikki Sarmanto, celebrated for his virtuosity and legendary status, showcased his extensive career through a live quartet recording. This classic Jazz ensemble, featuring saxophone (Juhani Aaltonen), piano (Heikki Sarmanto), bass (Pekka Sarmanto), and drums (Matti Koskiala), not only highlighted Sarmanto’s performance skills but also encapsulated his evolution as a composer.

The quartet, a gathering of longtime associates, delivered a timeless blend of Sarmanto’s melodic compositions. From heartwrenching ballads reminiscent of the Finnish landscape to flawless Jazz amalgamations, the music transcended time. Each musician had ample solo moments, showcasing their individual talents.

This instant classic, with impeccable sound quality, serves as a testament to Sarmanto’s enduring impact on Finnish Jazz, seamlessly merging Jazz spirit with diverse musical influences.

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Heikki Sarmanto: Piano, Juhani Aaltonen: Tenor Saxophone, Matti Koskiala: Drums

1. Way Down South  – 7:09
2. Theme for Christer – 7:35
3. Light After Darkness – 13:55
4. The Travellers – 7:35
5. Old San Juan – 9:32
6. East River – 9:55
7. Quiet Water – 7:24
8. Ibiza – 8:31

Total: 76:04

FFCD 1081 ℗ & © 2023 Turun Tähtituotanto Oy

Recording: Enno Mäemets
Recorded live at Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, July 24 1999

Mastering: Jorma Hämäläinen & Sasa Opacic

Cover Photo: Jukka Vatanen
Centerfold: Stefan Bremer (r) & Kaarina Hilari (l)
Other: Kuhmotalo
Cover texts: Adam Baruch & Matti Laipio
Cover desing & layout: Markku Alpimaa


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